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Shared resources for Well-being

Tiny Habits for Staying Upbeat on lockdown 

Thanks for joining! Take care of yourself. Resources are okay to share, but please know it's a beta version! (A work in progress) 
Recorded Video Call.

With gratitude to BJ Fogg, PhD., for sharing Tiny Habits resources so generously with the world during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Tiny Habits is a registered trademark. 

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Better rest boosts your resilience when you're awake, too.

With gratitude to Donald B. Weaver, PhD., psychologist in private practice until his retirement in 2017. He specialized in mindfulness-based care for people with chronic insomnia and stress disorders,  Special thanks to Dr. Weaver for sharing these. More resources coming soon!

Top Tips For

Better Rest 

Compiled by Donald B. Weaver, Ph.D. 

with input and design by Amy Vest

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