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Our Mission

We are passionate about projects that help people live happier and healthier lives. 


We help you develop great media and audience connection so you build a satisfying relationship with your base. If you have ideas that make the world a better place, we can help you share them effectively.


Amy Vest (view LinkedIn profile) founded both Behavior Design Media, and Live For Life Media, Inc.

Amy and her partners and colleagues have served as behavior strategists, creative directors, writers, designers, and producers for a wide variety of educational, motivational, and marketing media productions.  

Amy Vest has had extensive personal training and mentoring from Stanford Psychologist BJ Fogg, PhD. in Behavior Design Strategies. She has also invested more than twenty years studying Educational Psychology and Behavioral Economics. Additionally, Amy and her team members have lifelong passions for art and design.

Behavior Design Teaching Team

Amy is a member of Stanford Professor BJ Fogg's teaching team for Behavior Design. Contact for speaking engagements, workshops, and Behavior Design Strategy Sessions.


"Amy is thorough, innovative and proactive."

The Wellness Network 

"Amy is one of my favorite people to work with. She is incredibly perceptive and gives insightful and constructive feedback. I always feel like I'm getting her best."

              – David Oluwadara, Client – The Broad Institute

"Amy’s experience in healthcare strategies and behavior design give her the ability to build expert teams and deliver on complex projects and missions. She engages very effectively with C-level execs, medical experts and has a very collaborative style with her team."

                 – Chris Osorio – President, Johnson & Johnson's Human Performance Institute

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