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A Division of Live For Life Media, Inc.

Our Mission

We develop media with partners who are helping to build a world full of healthier and happier people.

Partners and Clients Broad Institute, Dana-Farber

Great projects start by collaborating

with visionary leaders.

See our portfolio for content samples.


READ Reviews

Here's what some our clients have to say about working with us. 

We aim to give every client a great experience, quality deliverables, and reliable service.

Irene Ghobrial, MD Harvard Professor

Irene Ghobrial, MD

Dana-Farber/ Harvard Professor

"IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!! Thank you for your hard work!"

BJ Fogg Stanford Professor .png

BJ Fogg, PhD

Stanford University Professor

"I trust Amy. She is one of my favorite people."

Nancy Brown, AHA CEO .png

Nancy Brown

CEO, American Heart Association

"I know you'll get it right and represent us well."

Jennifer Hall, PhD

Chief, Institute for Precision


" really came through for us in a challenging situation. ... we appreciate your hard work and expertise."

Here's What Clients Most Often Hire Us To Do:
Digital content
Develop content




Craft your message and interact with your audience in ways that really matter to them.

Behavior design video media


PERSUASIVE or Instructional MEDIA

Create videos and media with the end in mind. Design for the behaviors you want to support.

Consulting behavior design




How can you change behaviors among your target audience?
Does your call to action match your audience's needs?



  • Create content

  • Develop training

  • Build campaigns 

We design products and user experiences built on principles of behavior design.

Most media vendors lack expertise in educational and behavioral psychology.

 Key Starting Point

"What behaviors are you trying to get people to do?"

  • Design information & behaviors

  • Consult on behavior strategies

  • Make videos & interactive tools 

  • Recruit partners

  • Test messaging / UX-UI

  • Advise on behavior change 

Best-Selling Book Feature

Founder, Amy Vest, has several featured stories in BJ Fogg's book,

Tiny Habits, The Small Changes That Change Everything 

available now wherever books are sold.

Also mentioned in the Wall Street Journal.

Tiny Habits Coaching

If you've landed on my business page because you're looking for Tiny Habits coaching, you can reach me here.

Tiny Habits Book By BJ Fogg with Amy Vest and Linda Fogg-Phillips
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